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The Ribbon of Green Historical Atlas of Edmonton's River Valley is a Beta version of a digital online atlas showcasing the environmental history of Edmonton's most prominent natural feature. This beta version was funded through a $5,000 grant from the Network in Canadian History and Environment (NICHE) and is being hosted by the King's Centre for Visualization in Science (KCVS). The principle investigators for this project were William Van Arragon, Assistant Professor of History at The King's University College and Michael P. Ferber, Assistant Professor of Geography at The King's University College. Research Assistants Katie Wallbaum and Amy VanderHoek wrote a majority of the historical articles included in this atlas.
History of River Valley Parks  
Written Histories of Edmonton's River Valley From Specific Eras:  
  10,000 BC  
  1850 - 1910  
  1911 - 1960  
  1961 - 2009  
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